Budding Leaders was founded in 2017 by Rohan Goel and Sarang Deshpande. In a year it has grown with over 10 volunteer high schoolers.

Budding Leaders has now transitioned to a new leadership team in 2021. We, Neel Chatterjee, Ashray Bangalore, and Sonali Goel, hope to continue what Rohan and Sarang started to the best of our ability, while also working harder to make Budding Leaders better than what it was originally.

Neel Chatterjee

Neel Chatterjee is a Senior attending Cupertino High School in Cupertino, CA. Neel started to become involved in community leadership and entrepreneurship in high school, and his passion has flourished ever since. Neel has worked with the city officials of Palo Alto and other high-profile tech industry figures. Neel has also taught middle school kids about leadership before in the past.

In his free time, Neel likes to play video games (FINAL FANTASY VII being his favorite), run, and hang out with his friends. Neel is ecstatic about this opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the Bay Area through Budding Leaders.

Ashray Bangalore
CFO and Treasurer

Ashray Bangalore is a Senior attending Milpitas High School. He has a strong interest in STEM subjects, and in order to further this interest, he is taking numerous science classes. Outside of his studies, he is a competitive swimmer, an active boy scout, and tutors both Math and English students from Milpitas city tutoring programs.


During his free time, Ashray likes to read books, with the most recent one being Later by Stephen King. He also likes playing video games, with SMITE being his favorite.

Sonali Goel

Sonali Goel is a Sophomore attending Lynbrook High School in Cupertino, CA. Sonali has been engaged with Budding Leaders since 2017. She is Captain of Junior Varsity Hockey team at her school, She has a passion for community work and art. Sonali received a presidential award for volunteering work in 2020 and has been helping out with different nonprofits since elementary school. Sonali conducted Virtual Art Classes for elementary school students on origami, draw, paint, etc. in 2020.


In her free time, she loves to play field hockey, draw/paint, hang out with friends, and play with animals. She is excited to be part of the Budding Leaders team and is looking forward to contributing more to the community in the coming years.