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Budding Leaders was founded in 2017 by Rohan and Sarang. Since then, it has grown with over 30 volunteers.

Budding Leaders has now transitioned to a new leadership team in 2021. We, Sonali, Reeti, Tanish and Rohan, hope to continue what was started to the best of our ability, while taking budding leaders to new dimensions.

Sonali Goel
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Sonali is a senior attending Lynbrook High School in Cupertino, CA. Sonali has been engaged with Budding Leaders since 2017. She is Captain of Junior Varsity Hockey team at her school.


She has been leading Ongoing Art and Craft classes in Calabazas library since 2022, planning activities and teaching elementary school age kids different theme based crafts every other week.  


Sonali has a passion for community work and art. Sonali received a Presidential Award for Volunteering Services in 2020 and 2021 and has been helping out with different nonprofits since elementary school. During COVID, Sonali conducted Virtual Art Classes for elementary school students on origami, draw, paint, etc. in 2020.


Sonali created and donated several fidget blankets to Senior centers. She organizes twice-a-month drives to collect, package and distribute essential items like hygiene kits, food, clothes and blankets to unhoused in Bay Area. 

In her free time, she loves to play field hockey, softball, soccer, draw/paint, and play with animals. She is excited to be lead Budding Leaders team and continue to support current initiatives and start new ones.

Tanish is a Senior attending Milpitas High school. Tanish has always been connected to the community since an early age - whether it was volunteering for a non-profit organization (Pashchimi) every year to assist with event management, or be it creating digital promotional teasers for local fundraising events, or volunteering to manage website for the local PTA chapter at his high school - Tanish has always felt a pride in giving back to the community


After playing competitive soccer for 8 years, Tanish now referees competitive soccer games for the city, in addition to being a soccer coach for boys under 10 team for city of Milpitas. Musically talented Tanish plays 3 instruments (piano, flute, and guitar) - he plays in his school Jazz band, Marching band and a local Indian music band in many concerts and functions.


Engaged with Budding Leaders since summer of 2021, he has conducted virtual training sessions during COVID times for leadership training and computer programming.. As CTO he has planned for the technology investment areas for the platform,  plan support outreach/run the program using social media and tools for sign-up and feedback. Currently  he runs the events for game development for elementary and middle school children.His role is to work with members of the instruction team and set-up clear goals and objectives for the group to accomplish around leadership training, game development and  scratch training for early age developers. Tanish enjoys working with young adults and kids. He is also a natural planner which helps to come up with an action plan, and timetable on how to execute the program efficiently. In his free time Tanish loves to read and play his flute to unwind.

Global Program Lead
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Advisor & Founder
Yatharth is a high school student at Harry Ainley High School in Edmonton, Canada.

He has a passion for volunteer work. He has volunteered in the LIT program and the Heritage Festival. He has also participated in activities such as cleaning, donating and teaching morals in the community. 


Yatharth has been actively involved in offering virtual classes in maths and computers for underprivileged children in India. He feels it’s a great way to give back to community.


In his free time he sharpens his skills in web technology and web graphics. He also loves to play chess and volleyball.

Rohan is a Senior attending UC Berkeley majoring in Data Science and Statistics. Rohan started to become involved in community leadership in the 8th grade, and his passion has flourished ever since. Rohan founded Budding Leaders in 2017. He conducted leadership classes in Calabazas Library, West Valley Library as well as libraries in Sunnyvale and Cupertino.


After joining UC, he has been remotely engaged in Budding Leaders activities and advises team on partnership and engagement. Rohan also manages all documentation for Budding Leaders.

In his free time, he likes to watch football, eat, and hang out with friends. Rohan is ecstatic about making a meaningful impact in the Bay Area through Budding Leaders.

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