Giving a jump start to pre-teen kids by helping them master soft skills at an early age


Silicon Valley has an extraordinary focus on STEM programs right from elementary school. Comparatively there is lack of emphasis on developing soft skills such as leadership, team building and communication at an early age. These soft skills are equally crucial for success of the students as they enter high school. At Budding Leaders, we offer FREE classes to kids to learn leadership qualities and skills. We strive to give a jump start for shaping a successful contributing member of our society by offering training through fun activities and discussions.


We have partnered with local libraries, community centers and after-school care facilities in south bay to conduct our training workshops. All locations are conveniently located in the vicinity of local schools. Our partner organizations offer a space for venue and basic material for classroom settings. The workshops are advertised on our website as well as at display boards in libraries and  local area social network sites. The workshops are typically conducted in a small classrooms or halls with basic audio-visual setting suitable for 20 to 25 kids at facilities offered by our partners.



Our workshops are conducted by outgoing enthusiastic full-time high school students from south bay schools. All students who work as classroom instructors as well as classroom assistants work pro-bono. The contents of the workshops are targeted towards kids of age between 8 to 11 years. Budding Leaders classroom instructors are trained on course materials that include interactive sessions for kids interested in learning about crucial aspects of becoming a good communicator and trustworthy leader. 


Our Mission

It is Budding Leaders’ mission to provide a platform for pre-teen school children to learn and polish their soft skills such as leadership, team building and communication through interactive games, workshops and discussions.


Budding Leaders has received recognition certificates from City of Cupertino and State of California. 


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